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The salon is postiioned in the centre of the great faceless shopping mall on main street slap bang next to Walmart and Ikea.

We provide free brandy in order to help you recover after we present you with your bill.


We supply only the best manure - no crap....

SOHO Design Layout Options

These single-page websites demonstrate the different layouts available. Click any of the links on the Design Layout options above the top of this page for more examples.


All website examples listed have the same content, however you will see variations in the design of the SOHO widgets and how they resize automatically for the different layouts.


The SOHO websites can be created with as many web pages as you require. A web page can be created as main (top menu level) pages or as a page that appear in the sub-menu for a main page.


You can change your design layout in a matter of seconds and all the contents of your website will be resized for the chosen layout.


There are several aspects of the design for which you can select either a color from the swatch provided or define your own custom color.


You create a widget and enhance it with an image from your image gallery. Once created, a widget can be used aas often as you require on as many pages as you require. Widgets can be placed vertically on the right or left of the web page or horizontally along the bottom of any web page. There are a range of styling options available for your widgets.